THE PREPARATION for final production

As basis for printing we accept PostScript and PDF files or completed lithography. In case this format is not available for you, you can use standard composite PS file. We can PDF supplied file for you free of charge. Our studio is able to process even the open format files, i.e. QuarkXpress, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop in Macintosh and/or Windows platforms. These can be processed further.


Text documents – manuscripts File formats:
*.doc, *.txt, *.602

Image documents – transparencies, photos File formats:
*.eps, *.tiff, *.jpeg, *.pict *.bmp

Everything in min. resolution of 300 dpi


The light exposure orders that are not prepared in PostScript have to be supplied with used fonts. The shorter texts in the documents of graphic applications (like Corel Draw! Or Adobe Illustrator) are good if transferred to graphics. For control it is needed for every document to have laser output and post-script profiles of used fonts.

With the orders produced in our studio we can send the proposed design by electronic mail in PDF file for correction or it is possible to do the correction on screen at our studio. After the order is approved by the customer we can produce either lithography or Prn, PS file for further processing. If you wish to be present while the order is being processed you have to prearrange the date.


ZIP, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD, 3, 5’’ floppy disc JAZZ, Bernoulli disc 90/150/320 MB


Typography, lineament400,- Kč/hr
Photo, logo, modification600,- Kč/hr
Scan – up to A5300,- Kč/pcs
Scan – up to A4 450,- Kč/pcs
Light exposure A4 1 plate60,- Kč/pcs
Light exposure A4 CMYK 240,- Kč/ks
CD archiving200,- Kč/pcs