We offer top quality print in short deadlines and for competitive prices with the possibility of quantity rebates. Promotional leaflets, handouts, posters, forms, price tags, invoices, delivery notes, various kinds of economic prints including self-copying prints, letter papers, business cards, brochures, postcards, tags and stickers of all shapes and formats, calendars, annual reports, folders with various tab shapes, print on envelopes, programs, luxury catalogues for designers, invitations, school books, books and so forth.


Printing technology based on pressing the color through the clear spaces of the image master form. The screen printing, more than any other printing technology uses direct colors. It makes it possible to print on the whole range of different materials (textile, plastics, metal), not excluding paper.


It is used for small orders that should be printed fast and with good quality, for example full-colored catalogues, publications, handouts, invitations etc. The limiting factor is maximum available size of the printing area 480 x 2000 cm (depending on data volume) and color scheme – only CMYK. The advantage consists in the possibility of printing straight from the data, where there is no need for lithography. This is used by the printing method of personalized documents (for ex. Letter that has address and name of the customer stated – data that changes on each print).


It is especially suitable for printing of envelopes, business cards and art prints. The scope of the book printing is slowly moved to special printing area – like for example segment processing especially for the purposes of packaging, partly also in advertising and promotion.


It is designed for printing of larger formats like for example posters, billboards, placards and others. It is suitable for interior and outdoor use. It can be printed on common paper, photographic glossy and opaque paper but also on translucent paper, self-adhesive glossy and opaque, canvas – fabric – flags etc.